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Your commercial vehicle is a moving advertisement for your company, that is constantly skidding through cities. So, yes, image counts when it comes to your potential clients.  Whether you own one automobile or a fleet of commercial vehicles, maintaining your cleanest appearance can speak distinctive volumes about your company’s health and sustainability. But, more than a great impression, a customized fleet cleaning can help you to improve fleet operations, prevent more expensive unsightly damages on a long run, reduce your downtime and keep your revenue flowing regularly.

Silverback Powerwash specializes in comprehensive fleet maintenance of trucks, trailers, automotive, heavy equipment, forklifts, rail cars, railways, marine areas, ships, boats, yachts, and rigs of all sizes, including those too large to fit through conventional car wash facilities. Silverback Powerwash team professionals are highly trained at cleaning all fleet surfaces, including aluminum, chrome, steel, fiberglass and other plastics. We provide services of engine compartments cleaning and hot wax coating as well.

If you need to free your fleets from extreme dirt, grime, diesel soot, road film, pollutants, exhaust residue, bug splatters, algae or fingerprints, we are ready to help you today! We operate a large variety of soaps and detergents to accurately match requirements of surfaces that need to be cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or damaged paints and decals. On top of your perfectly polished equipment, we can also take care of environmental or oil spills, fuel islands and pads at your rest stations. 

Also, here, at Silverback Powerwash, we follow advanced management practices in wastewater removal. We comply with both state and federal environmental standards and protocols to break down and remove contaminants from wastewater and convert it into an effluent, that can be returned to the water cycle with a minimum impact on the environment. We follow the proper guidelines in everything we do, so you don’t have to worry about anything.



With the strict supervision of service quality managers and detailed checklist, Silverback Powerwash is able to provide the best cleaning service, leaving your fleet equipment and its areas gleaming and clean.  Make your drivers feel safe and proud to drive for you – contact Silverback Powerwash to schedule a free estimate  appointment right now at (813) 377-2055