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Concrete & Pavers Maintenance

SilverBack PowerWash offers concrete and pavers maintenance on a professional level. We’ve made a reputable name for ourselves by offering best-in-class solutions for the following services:

Concrete & Pavers Installation

Do you need a driveway, patio, or driveway? Going about any of this the concrete way is a great addition to your building, especially considering how it further solidifies the geography of the area. Besides, concrete work is a relatively inexpensive way to efficiently add-build most things on your property.

Because concrete creates a sense of permanence, the task needs to be done the right way the first time. Quality concrete installation needs to be left for professionals. The same way we efficiently install your concrete, we also lay your pavers. As experts, we install types of interlocking pavers for patios, pool decks, walkways, and street applications on residential and commercial bases.

Concrete & Pavers Maintenance

Perhaps you already have concrete or pavers on your property. Well, that’s just one thing because you also need to see to maintaining it. Mother Nature can be unforgiving, and sometimes your concrete work or pavers can get in the way of her business. Luckily, When you have SilverBack PowerWash on speed dial, you’ve taken an important step against harsh weather conditions.

With seasonal concrete or paver maintenance, you can preserve the looks and integrity of your installation. Bad climatic conditions and corrosion aside, those installations deserve seasonal maintenance. That way harsh weather and other formidable elements have less impact on these aspects of your property. For this reason, you may need a maintenance package from us.

Concrete & Pavers Cleaning

Totally exposed to all the elements of nature from all the four seasons, outdoor concrete areas tend to accumulate legions of grime, dirt, and even debris. Beyond ecological forces, concrete, pavers, and walls are subject to wear and tear as a result of human use—primarily from feet and vehicles. From time to time, these platforms need to be cleaned so the aliens don’t get to stay and cause problems.

While it’s thoughtful of your to clean those places yourself, the task can be time-consuming and the process might be harder because you don’t have the right tools for it. Leave the all-work-and-no-play to us at SilverBack PowerWash, and we’d be sure to leave your concrete or paver sparkling clean. Keeping these parts of your property clean and in good condition is our responsibility.

Concrete & Pavers

The constant influence of weather and use can bring about cracks, crevices, and even holes in your concrete work and pavers. Depending on which type you are using, these platforms are not always strong enough to emerge from the four seasons unscathed. When they develop all these problems, you need to act fast to make sure they are eliminated.

By sealing pervious or porous hardscaping, you will maintain its aesthetic appeal and prevent issues like shifting, puddling, unevenness, and sinking. This common-sense approach also provides the needed protection against surface retrogression. This way, you get to sidestep damages, and, ultimately, spending lots of dollars on repair.

Sealing Pavers

For the best Sealing Pavers services, reach out to Silverback. We are the leading company in cleaning and sealing concrete pavers for the local community. If you have a residential or commercial outdoor space that contains restorable pavement, contact our cleaners. We can develop a plan to clean, seal, and completely restore your outdoor tapestry.

Why Concrete Pavers Need to Be Sealed?

While pavers are incredibly beautiful and can add aesthetic value to a property, they, like other stones, have their risks of deterioration. Perhaps the biggest risk of using unsealed paver stones is that they will stain – even wet leaves, for example, can cause major and irreversible staining.

Sealing pavers locks in efflorescence (that white substance that rises out of a paver), which prevents an old, white- washed look, and also prevents the sand underneath from moving to the surface and migrating to your pool or yard. Another benefit of sealing is that it also locks the pavers into place, and helps to prevent new surfaces from quickly fading.

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